Yamaha DMR502 including DTX502 Module and RS502 Rack System - Stand only
Yamaha DMR502 including DTX502 Module and RS502 Rack System DTX522K / DTX532K /DTX562K Electronic Drum Kits The Yamaha Rack System and Drum Module For DTX522/532/562K Electronic Drum Kits provides you with the basis for assembling a Yamaha DTX electronic drum kit. The system consists of a RS502 steel drum rack and a DTX502 electronic drum kit trigger module. With these two components as a start, you can then attach a set of DTX electronic drum kit pads, or a custom combination of different pads to your liking. The pads attach to the steel drum rack using the included clamps. The pads then plug into the trigger module which allows you to select or import the samples you would like to use with the kit. Yamaha RS502 Rack System The Yamaha RS502 Rack System For DTX522K, DTX532K, DTX42K, DTX562K Drum Kits is a 1.0 mm steel-pipe drum rack for attaching DTX series drum pads and assembling a DTX kit. The kit comes partially assembled and utilizes 2 wing bolts to attach the drum components to the rack. DTX502 Electronic Drum Trigger Module The Yamaha DTX502 Electronic Drum Trigger Module for DTX522/32/42/62K Drum Kits provides you with the necessary connections, tools, and sound library for controlling the electronic drum pads of a Yamaha DTX522K, DTX532K, DTX542K, or DTX562K electronic drum kit. The module contains over 250 sounds, which is approximately twice that of the previous version. Additionally, you can import your own audio and MIDI samples for a high level of customization. The trigger module is tuned using a laser analysis of different drum strokes to produce a more natural playing experience. For practice, the unit comes included with eight pre-programmed routines that help you improve your rhythm, timing, accuracy, and endurance. After each routine the system provides you with a score to help you keep track of your progress over time.
New in sealed box.