Battery Indicator of Charging Case

The feature of battery indicator is that the charging case indicates how much battery is remaining.
This is a very useful function especially when you wonder if you have to charge the case.
One of the following actions will trigger this function:
1.Pick up the earbud from the case;
2.Put back the earbud in the case;
3.Charge the Case.

The flash times correspond to different battery levels:
flash 1 time: 0-25%
flash 2 times: 25%-50%
flash 3 times: 50%-75%
flash 4 times: 75%-100%

Mono Mode
Mono mode is that you can use the left or right side separately to connect different devices at the same time.
But in most case, you would use only one side (left or right), such as when you are driving.
1.The battery life in mono mode is up to 6 hours;
2.Both sides of the earbuds can be used to play music and talk.

Connecting Issue:
Q: Why can't left and right earbuds connect with each other? Why can't earbuds connect with some devices?
A: Reset your earbuds and try again, which can solve most of connecting issues.
How to Reset:
While the earbuds are charging, press and hold the power keys of both sides up to 4 seconds to reset the earbuds.

Bluetooth Headphones
Multi-purpose Dock
Charging Cable
2 Sets of Silicone Ear tips
User Manual

[HD SOUND WITH DEEP BASS] Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 and lossless HD rendering technology that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal crisp treble. Tranya true wireless earbuds can block out a lot of surrounding noises, and do avoid wind noise created during running, biking, jogging, etc.
[STABLE CONNECTIVITY] Provide stable and seamless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 and high sensitivity antenna enabled devices up to 33 feet away, which also ensure low latency and low energy features during data transmission.
[EASY TO USE] The earbuds automatically turn on and connect your smart phone when removed from the case; automatically turn off and charge when put back in the case. Also, the headphones can be used to answer/reject calling, skip/play/pause songs, and activate voice assistant, such as Siri.
[Secure Fitand Mini Design] Extremely light weight and mini in-ear design with two pairs of ear tips to ensure your headphones stay comfortably firm in place and improve the experience on sports.
[LONGER BATTERY LIFE] It is up to 3-4 hours playing time when headphones fully charged. Else the portable charging case could recharge the earbuds 4 additional times. The total play time could be up to 15 hours.

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