August MB300 Mini Wooden MP3 Stereo System and FM Clock Radio,  (Black)
MB300 Mini Speaker with FM Radio

Alarm Clock
This stylish, remote controlled mini MP3 Alarm Clock Radio is great for waking up to your favorite tunes, improving those tinny laptop speakers or making cell phone mp3's sound like they're supposed to.

SD Card and USB Flash Drive Support
With a USB port, an SD card reader and a 3.5mm audio input this little music box can make MP3's from almost any source sound great. Just in case your phones not covered.

3 different wake up modes
3 different wake up modes are available for the alarm, you can choose to be beeped awake, woken by MP3 or to have the Radio come on first thing in the morning. And as the time is backed up by 2xAAA batteries, unexpected power cuts shouldn't leave you fiddling around resetting times.

Internal battery
For portable use, the internal battery is good for approximately 5 hours of playback, great for an afternoon by the sea or to keep you entertained by the grill.

Compact and Light
Small yet surprisingly powerful, the device weighs in at just over 1lb and its dimensions are: 130x90x95mm, small and light enough for carrying in a rucksack or picnic hamper.

What's in the box

1 x MB300 Speaker
1 x US Adapter
1 x USB Charging Cable 3.5mm Audio Cable
2xAA Batteries
Remote Control With Battery
User Manual

MP3 Music System and FM Clock Radio with a truly fantastic sound quality
USB In and SD Card Reader for playing MP3's from memory cards and data sticks, 3.5mm Audio In for use as speakers for iPods, laptops, MP3 players etc.
Alarm Clock with wake me by MP3, buzzer and radio modes plus 2xAA batteries for time backup; LCD Screen with 12 or 24hr time display and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Rechargeable internal battery for approximately 5 hours of playback, charged using the supplied USB power cable or mains plug; Two powerful 3 watt 60mm speakers
Supplied with a remote control, USB and Mains charging cables