Beats Dude Stand For Pill Portable Speaker (Red)
Beats Dude Stand For Pill Portable Speaker (Red)Beats Dude Stand For Pill Portable Speaker (Red)Beats Dude Stand For Pill Portable Speaker (Red)Beats Dude Stand For Pill Portable Speaker (Red)
We put a Beats Pill speaker in their mouth and now they won't shut up. Each Pill character comes with their very own expression, complete with moveable arms and heads. Snap the Pill into each character and still get direct access to audio and charging ports. Paint or draw on the matte finish to customize it and make all your own.

Each one has a moveable head and arms for extra expression. Made out of a matte finish, each character can be drawn on or painted to add even more personality.
Choose Your Favorite
Each character has a unique facial expression specific to their personality. Their faces say everything without saying a word. Get the one that fits you.
Easy to Use
The Beats Pill snaps into every character with ease. Once in place, you still have direct access to all of the audio and charging ports.
Beats Pill Character
Pill Sleeve
The Pill Sleeve provides a durable layer of protection to keep your Beats Pill safe when it’s on the go, while still keeping its compact and sleek design.
Silicon cover provides your Pill protection while still allowing music to play.
Detachable, magnetic cover protects speaker when audio is off.
Aluminum ring to attach a carabiner.
Easy access to ports and buttons.
About Beats Audio
The company's mission is to provide a superior end-to-end music experience - with headphones, speakers, devices, and services - so fans feel the emotion and hear the music the way artists intended it to sound from the studio. This experience is aided by partnerships with HP, Chrysler Group and HTC Mobile. Led by Co-founder and CEO Jimmy Iovine, Co-founder Dr. Dre, and President and COO Luke Wood, Beats Electronics is based in Santa Monica, CA.

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