ACDelco Advantage 14D702M Disc Brake Pad
ACDelco Advantage 14D702M Disc Brake PadACDelco Advantage 14D702M Disc Brake Pad
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ACDelco Advantage 14D702M Disc Brake Pad

Features and Benefits
ACDelco Advantage Friction brake pads feature the fit, form and function of premium aftermarket brakes at a more economical price. The ACDelco Advantage line offers dependability, performance and great value — without sacrificing important features and benefits. Chamfered, slotted and shimmed to provide similar fit, form and function of the OE service part. Hardware clip kits included (where applicable). Have multiple formulations including both ceramic and semi-metallic pads that are specific to the vehicle application. Product backing plate is painted Grey to easily differentiate from ACDelco DuraStop or ACDelco OE Service parts. Tested to SAE 2430SAE2784 to help assure quality.

Function & Signs of Wear
Find out more about ACDelco Advantage Friction parts and how they fit into the Brakes System with the product facts below.

Brake Pads:
FUNCTION: Flat pads with frictional materials contact the rotor to help slow or stop the vehicle (disc brakes).
SIGNS OF WEAR: Chirping, grinding or squealing noise, difficulty stopping the vehicle.

Brake Shoes:
FUNCTION: Shoes press against the inside of the brake drum to cause friction in order to slow or stop the vehicle (disc brakes).
SIGNS OF WEAR: Insufficient friction material on brake shoes, reduced braking ability, low brake pedal height, longer stopping distances, squealing or unusual noises, brake pedal pulsation.

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